AFRICAN DASHIKI DRESS, 40% off + Free Earrings W/Purchase!


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If you haven’t seen my Facebook Post this week… you may have missed this fun freebie!!  Starting earlier this week through Monday (2/1/16) – you’ll get my “African Print Earrings”  FREE with any purchase!  Look carefully over the receipt emailed to you by my shop and your coupon code for free earrings is in the note from me. 🙂
While you are shopping (to get your freebie, of course)… be sure to watch your total, because if you spend $10 or more, you can use VAL40 at checkout to get 40% off! Woot! Woot!
AND… because I’ve released so many new profucts lately… I wanted to do a Pinterest Blitz and set up most entries based on PINS!  Then, THREE winners will each receive a $25 credit to my shop!

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Top Five Must Have African Ankara Print Dresses In Your Closet!

African Ankara print dresses are something that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to discussing about the latest African trends. Whether you talk about the upcoming fashion shows or events, these dresses are must to show off on the ramp. Being an African or having an African choice of dresses is not enough to get these alluring dresses in your wardrobe, but if you really want to talk about fashion and catch on with the trending clothing styles in this era; you should have African Ankara print dresses in your banter.

To help you understand the popular styles of these dresses and making the perfect choice, I have picked 5 coolest collections of African Ankara print dresses that you must have in your closet to bring every element of contemporary beauty in your life.

African Print Evening Gown

Starting with the mesmerizing curving mermaid skirt, this African Print evening gown beautifully embraces all your body curves to make you the perfect diva with natural beauty enhancement. This two pieces evening gown looks chic and timeless and is ideal to be worn on any social gathering or evening hangout with your friends or family. With an extra curvy sleeve on one shoulder strap, you can also choose to wear this sexy evening gown at your prom night with high heel sandals, stylish handbag, and classic African printed earrings and necklace. So, just go and grab this dress now to extend your closet collection.

African Print Evening Gown

Price: $119.99

Available at:

African Print Maxi Dress

Planning for a night out with your date or confused with what to wear at your prom night? If you really don’t know what to choose among the widest collection of sexy dresses available at different stores, try out this elegantly styled African print maxi dress which is designed with perfect flows to fit in your stunning body shape flawlessly. It comes with elastic waist to fit perfectly into any sizes ranging from 12 to 16. So, why to worry more if you can have this wonderful maxi dress in your closet? Check out the link below to include this amazing dress in your wardrobe now.

African Print Maxi Dress

Price: $110.00

Available at:

African Print Girlish Pink Maxi Dress

Pink is something that no girl should ignore when it comes to buying something to express her girlish choice. This African print pink maxi dress flows beautifully across your body length and can easily fit in any body shape to express your inner girlish charm. Wear it on any occasion whether it is a social gathering, a prom night, an evening hangout or a shopping spree, this dress is perfect for all events. If you really made up your mind to get this amazingly attractive piece of African print dress in your wardrobe, you can order it now from the link given below.

African Print Girlish Pink Maxi Dress

Price: $110.00

Available at:

African Print Orange Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are always perfect to wear on any casual hangout with your friends and family. An when the touch of African print is blended with the finest Ankara fabric, nothing can compare with this orange African print jumpsuit that is designed with a cool strapless styling to fit perfectly from the upper bust line to the waist. This fascinating jumpsuit is a good choice to make your darling feel special on her birthday or a romantic date or on Valentine’s Day.  Instead of hoping from one store to other, just get this amazing wax print jumpsuit right away by clicking the link below the image.

African Print Orange Jumpsuit

Price: $ 119.00

Available at:

Green Lace African Print Evening Dress

A sexy lace African Print evening dress with the touch of hunter green designed in a trend mermaid skirt style, this dress is sure to give an electrifying shock to everyone when worn on a social gathering or your prom night. Chic and trendy, you can wear this evening gown to express your inner beauty as this dress has the ability of delightfully wrapping every curve of your body to make you look appealing and sexy. Bequeathed with lace quarter sleeves with touch of green encircles, this dress can be perfectly tune up with high heel sandals, a multi-stone bracelet and a stylish printed African handbag. For ordering this beautiful green lace African print evening dress now, connect with the link below.

 Green Lace African Print Evening Dress

Price: $ 179.00

Available at:




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African Prints Have Hit the Market


African Products which used to be unnoticed or unknown, even with their good quality, are now given their due attention. For instance, African fabrics, which used to be popular only among specific cultures, have reached “trendy” status of global magnitude.

A day doesn’t pass without seeing women wearing those colorful, elaborately-printed scarves, wraps, blouses, skirts, dresses and suits. Sometimes, they adorn their clothing with laces that complement their outfit. Women with babies garb their little ones with attractive playsuits, onesies and bibs and even cover their baby carriers with African fabrics. Not to be outdone, men love to sport their jackets, polo shirts, shorts, trousers and turbans, all made of these materials. Most often the materials, clothes and styles we see with vibrant colors are derived from African print styles in mind.

What makes them so popular? Why are they becoming the fabrics and design choices of so many? They are strikingly beautiful, durable and lightweight, making them one of the most versatile fabrics in the world today. Not to mention that their designers have incorporated them with silks and seersuckers, thus producing fabrics that exude beauty and elegance beyond compare.


The All-around Fabric

Yes, the versatility of African Prints has made its way into the hearts and homes of millions of people. They are now used for a variety of functions like:

  1. Cushion covers. There was a time when Persian fabrics were the favorite materials for cushions. Today, however, African fabrics have become the apple of the eyes of many. Cushions covered with these materials can turn the drabbest room into a charming haven.
  2. Electronics covers. Gadget aficionados find African Fabrics cool and hip. You can see them on iPhone and smartphone cases, laptop, notebook and netbook bags and so on.
  3. Jewelry. Bold prints embossed or glued to earrings, pendants, watch straps, bracelets, and cuff links seem to be the fashion statements today. You can see them worn by celebrities all over the world.
  4. Shoes. This awesome African Prints has even invaded the shoe world! They’re on rubber shoes, high heels and pumps. You can even have them customized according to the design you have in mind.
  5. Curtains. Do you want to have a unique, classy look for your rooms? Try African fabrics. You can choose designs and styles that can complement any area of your home or office.
  6. Beddings. Beddings made of African fabrics can bring a stately elegance to your bedrooms.
  7. Decorations. From table runners to wall hangings, there’s an African fabric to match your specific needs and desires.

African fabrics are so versatile – you can use them for virtually anything and everything.

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Jennifer Hudson’s daring and dominatrix look on the blue carpet – Yes/No? |

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is definitely loving her slim and sexy body and is showing it!

Rocking a tight strappy bondage style dress to the 100 year anniversary of the Brown Shoe Company last week, Jennifer looked daring and dominatrix-esque on the blue carpet.

She wore a daring Agent Provocateur  Lace Up Dress, paired with leather knee-high boots, red lips and a retro pixie haircut, for her performance at the event in New York.

We are loving the sexy look and she is definitely on trend with the fashion world taking cues from hit Series Game of Thrones’ medieval times style. Are we head over heels for the look? Sort of. But we would have preferred if she had ditched the boots for some sexy stilettos. What say…? 🙂

Now, check out the dress modeled below.


Share your thoughts on her look. Is it sexy or a bit over the top?

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Meet The Jeans That You’ll Want to Live In |

Meet The Jeans That You'll Want to Live In

Meet The Jeans That You’ll Want to Live In

It’s easy to live in jeans that are so comfortable and chic that you could care less about wearing them for days on end. Paige Denim’s new innovative Transcend fabric collection makes it possible to wear these babies to death without dreading the moment our favorite pair of jeans starts to sag – they take comfort to a whole new level, while maintaining the beloved fit and shape.

Meet The Jeans That You'll Want to Live In

Meet The Jeans That You’ll Want to Live In

Paige Denim is the first pair of designer jeans that are an absolute mainstay in our denim wardrobe because of how amazing every jean they have FITS. They are one of the few that fits those slightly curvy waist-to-hip ratio without having to walk around with a waist gap. So I’m always excited and genuine in recommending Paige Denim as a valuable premium purchase. You won’t regret their denim!! 🙂

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you sort of a last-minute kind of girl. Birthdays tend to sneak up on you, as do holidays like Mother’s Day. Blogging, however, requires things to be done ahead of time. That said, I have some things thought out for Mother’s Day this year. Oh well, here’s a few last minute gift ideas just in case you’re still wondering what to do for your mom for Mother’s Day.


Flowers are always a nice idea. You can make mom tissue paper flowers…


… or give her real ones. These are just small pots of gerber daisies that can be picked up at the nursery and stuck in a wooden whiskey box. You can find small wooden crates at thrift stores, or pick up a new one at the liquor store. Use the box and save the bottle to give to your dad for Father’s Day! 🙂


You can also buy flowers at the store (or pick some from your garden) and make your own bouquet for mom.


Umm… chocolate is always good. This chocolate cherry cake would be a nice addition to a Mother’s Day brunch.

111113_030 (1)

As would these super easy chocolate croissants. Yum!! 🙂


You could also make her small silhouettes of her grandchildren, or big ones if you have the time!

Not a gift giver? Most moms also like spending time with their children and grandchildren. Take her someplace special like your local arboretum! 🙂

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Do You Just Love African Clothes?

Many people look at an outfit of traditional African clothes and may not realize the cultural importance that they have. There is a lot of history that is woven into garments made of traditional African textiles and the styles reflect thousands of years of cultural changes and the influence that other cultures have had on many different African tribes throughout the continent.


Many people have seen the cloth that African clothes are made of. Traditionally, the fabric is usually very brightly colored and is a form of wearable art. The patterns and colors vary from one region to another and the techniques for spinning thread and weaving the fabric are handed down from generation to generation. Often women would be responsible for spinning thread and in many cultures it was actually the men that did the weaving of the fabric.

African clothes are usually loose fitting and very comfortable. An outfit may vary from region to region. In some areas, a long robe or dress may be worn by both men and women. They may also be influenced by the cultures from other countries which surround an area where a piece of clothing comes from. Full African outfits normally also include a head wrap or hat that varies from region to region.

One beautiful outfit that can look wonderful at an African wedding or other important event is the Ariya. This is an African woman’s outfit that is made up of four individual pieces. It usually includes a Buba (blouse), Iro (wrapper), Gele (head wrapping) and Ipele (shawl). These pieces go together and form a loose and comfortable African dress that may be available in many different styles, patterns and colors. There are other outfits which look very similar but which are from different geographical areas of Africa.

Men who are getting married may be interested in traditional African clothing such as the Agbada. It includes a long, flowing shirt, a pair of pants which are worn under the robe, a hat and a robe which is normally worn over the shirt. They are usually heavily embroidered in patterns that have cultural and spiritual significance.

If you are not interested in wearing a complete outfit of African clothes, consider using traditional fabrics such as Aso oke fabric to make part of your outfit. In fact, it is becoming quite normal to blend African clothing with Western style outfits in order to express your heritage.

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Pretty In Pleats

Pretty In Pleats.

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Pretty In Pleats


Pretty in Pleats!! Delicate pleating brings a feminine, breezy vibe to soft skirts, blouses. and dresses this spring. Try an asymmetrical hemline in a color-blocking print for unexpected perfection of the pleated look. 🙂

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Zabba Designs Look Of The Day

Zabba Designs Look Of The Day

Ahhh, Spring time! I love Spring. It’s like I’m falling in love with my chic African tops all over again. I’ve started to pull out my spring pieces, like this African Ankara print top. I I love the versatility of this top and the ability to match it with many other pieces.

Thanks so much for stopping, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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